Associate of Arts Professional Designation Degree Programs

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Who can apply?

Students with a prior 2-year, 4-year, or higher college degree

More about the programs

Professional Designation Programs are concentrated, accelerated programs for individuals who have a U.S. accredited college degree or a certified international Bachelor’s or higher degree. These are programs of intensive study in one of the college's specialized majors that culminate in the awarding of an Associate of Arts Degree. This is an opportunity for students to complement their previous education by enrolling in a Professional Designation Program.

Programs offered

What next?

Upon successful completion of the A.A. Degree, students may apply to the Bachelor of Science program, an Advanced Study program, or a Professional Designation program in a different major.

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†Acceptance to the Professional Designation Program is contingent upon: U.S. Students:
1. Possession of a U.S. regionally accredited Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree.
2. Associate of Applied Science degrees or non-accredited degrees will be evaluated to verify that certain liberal arts requirements are met to ascertain acceptance into the Associate of Arts Professional Designation degree programs.

International Students:
1. A certified International degree equivalent to a U.S. accredited Associate, Bachelor's, or Master's degree.
2. TOEFL score of 183 (computer based) or 65 (Internet based) -OR- successful passing of FIDM's Essay and English Placement Exam.

*All FIDM Art and Design majors accredited by NASAD.
All FIDM programs are accredited by WASC.